Thursday, December 11, 2014

an update

Friends, the youngest WeThree has gone and gotten herself a big fat promotion. Her announcement a few weeks ago of, "I got the job!" came as no surprise to the rest of us who knew that with her incredible dedication and hard work that she was a total shoe-in for the position (although she, as usual, was her always-humble self and declared that she couldn't believe she had gotten it). So things around here will probably be a little different as she not only trains for her very intense, high responsibility new job, but also trains someone else to do her old job. WeThree are currently in the process of deciding whether to continue with this here blog or to put things on hold for awhile or maybe to call it quits. No decision has been made thus far and so we continue posting when we can. But if things are light from Carrie for awhile, now you'll know why. Three cheers for my baby sister and her new digs!  Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!  :)  Love you, Care!

Posting here never really seems complete to me without a photo or two, so here are a few from the last couple of weeks.

We took the kids to see the REAL Santa last week and got this sweet picture that, as Carrie noted to me, looks like it was taken in about 1985. It's true, and fitting, because this is actually the exact same Santa who's lap my husband and his brothers and sister sat on when they were kids (and his oldest sibling just turned 40 this year)! I'll admit to thinking at first that this tradition was a colossal waste of time (I know, bahumbug!), but now it's something I look forward to every single year.

 I love Christmas lights and spent some time the other morning Christmas-ifying our kitchen/family room area. This makes me happy, and I'm thinking of leaving them up LONG after Christmas is over. Who doesn't love good twinkle lights?! 

I call this one, "In which the baby Jesus, being carted by a donkey, gets pulled over for speeding. Slow down, Son."

Last night, Will and I got started on our wrapping with The Griswold Family Christmas as a backdrop to our festivities. We got a TON of stuff done and I'm feeling much better about being able to enjoy the last days before Christmas instead of being completely rushed. It was definitely RELAXing and fun to look at all the gifts we've bought and wrap them up nicely with pretty paper while chuckling at the silliness and stupidity of Clark and the rest of his Griswold gang. Also, that shot was taken in the "bonus room" upstairs which is still a work in progress, but at least there's a pretty Christmas tree!

And finally, we had this family photo taken the same night as the Santa picture. The realtor who sold our house and helped us buy our new one throws a big party each December for all her clients. There's an "exclusive visit with Legendary Santa," lots of food, and a professional photographer who snaps a family photo that they email to you a week later. Our photo this year turned out especially sweet, if I do say so myself!

So that's a little blog update and look at what's going on with our family! Hope you're having a great week - this one is moving a little slowly for me, but the weekend is in sight.

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