Monday, November 10, 2014

according to Instagram

I love looking back at my Instagram photos. They usually capture some small part of my day that I want to remember. Today I'd like to share some of my most recent photos, if you'd like to see.

Pretty November sky.
 Fingerless gloves (for me!) while I wait for preschool pick-up.
 Taking full advantage of November with chicken and dumplings (link to recipe can be found in this blog post) and also a chicken pot pie I made on Saturday night. My favorite comfort foods on chilly evenings.
 Three days a week I drive Annabel about 25 minutes to preschool. We pass this beautiful tree every time and I finally had to pull over and take a picture of it. I'll definitely be looking forward to watching this tree change colors in the years to come.
A couple weeks ago, we had some pretty busy days that resulted in Annabel crawling up in my lap and falling asleep two afternoons in a row. She never does that anymore so I was glad to soak up the sweetness.
 Annabel and I played a game of checkers which she won by a landslide.
Me:  "Why am I out?"
Her:  "Cause. I took a out!"
 We've been having regular waffle nights around here. I'm finally getting the hang of filling up the waffle iron to make a perfectly round waffle. Well, minus that one tiny little spot.
 Annabel came home from preschool one day and pulled out this handful of acorns she'd collected from the playground. She's obviously learning some good things from her big brother.
 I took this on an early morning when my car was in the shop and we had to take Will to work. Love seeing the sunrise.
Love this kid so much. He's always in his most talkative mood right before bed (most likely trying to stay up as long as possible) so I try to take advantage of that and get as much info from him as he's willing to give up!

That's a little look at what's been going on around here...according to Instagram.  What have you been up to? 

P.s. If you're on Instagram, too, you can find me at cwilliams717.

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