Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 One night as we were trying to get our little girl (who hates to go to bed) to go to bed, we decided maybe writing out a list for her would help get through her routine.  Well, it sorta helped and now every day before nap and evening before bed we must write out a list before anything else can happen.
 My little fashionista picked this outfit out of the dryer last week and declared it her outfit for the next day.  She ended up changing shirts and adding leggings while we folded the rest of her clothes.  She has been loving the opportunity to pick out her outfits each night since!

 When we were growing up, we would always make these little Kleenex ghosts around Halloween.  They are so fun and easy to make and we enjoy hanging these happy little guys around the apartment.

 Last Tuesday was a gorgeous fall day so Sommer and I went to the pumpkin patch with a friend of mine from work, Amy!  We had a wonderful morning looking at animals, picking pumpkins, and playing.  We have found that there are a bunch of pumpkin patches and apple orchards close by to check out this October!

 We enjoyed our first cup of hot chocolate last week when the days were a little chilly.  

 What I thought was going to be a somewhat easy project has turned into a lengthy process.  Hoping I can finish up Sommer's Elsa costume in time for trunk or treat in a couple weeks!

These two crazies have so much fun together.  I love watching them play and joke and run around.  Those smiles make me so happy. 

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