Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maine:: Part 2

Last week Dani shared some of her vacation pictures from Maine, and I'm back to do the same today! Typically, our family spends every summer vacation hanging out in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and while I absolutely love spending time there, I was so excited to explore a new area. Bar Harbor is a beautiful little New England town with a lot of history and a lot to do. Some highlights for me were spending time at Sand Beach, a brief stint sea kayaking (story to come some other time), sampling many (many!) lobster rolls, and one memorable happy hour spent drinking blueberry beer with my favorite guy while it poured down rain outside. And oh yeah, getting engaged to him was pretty awesome, too. :) Below are a few pictures, if you'd like to see!

[This is the view that Robert had for essentially twelve hours. He did all of the driving, and thank goodness because honestly, I would have been terrified driving his big SUV on the highway. Luckily, the hours pass relatively quickly when you're hanging out with your favorite person.]

[Pretty handsome guy in front of the harbor :]

[Robert had booked us reservations for a really nice brunch at the Bar Harbor Inn for our first morning in Maine weeks in advance to our trip. We had the most delicious food (eggs benedict! smoked salmon! bouillabaisse! vanilla pastry cups!) and drinks while enjoying this view.]

[And right after dessert, he asked me to marry him. And I said yes! I will absolutely never forget that moment and this beautiful spot.]

[We spent one afternoon at Echo Lake with a picnic lunch. The water here was relatively warm (compared to the ocean, anyway!) and it was a beautiful spot, surrounded by lots and lot of pine trees. Here, the littles are enjoying some time playing in the sand. I love that you can see Sommie's little ghostie (sunscreen) face in this picture. So cute. :)]

[Echo Lake]

[While Chelsey, Will & Matt hiked, we spent time on the shore playing in the water.]

[While the boys played golf one morning, we had a girls day down town. We stopped at a bakery where Dani and I split this delicious blueberry and lemon whoopie pie.]

[Annabel and Sommer opted for Mickey Mouse cupcakes.]

[And after a particularly large bite....]

[...Sommie became an icing monster and chased Annabel around the park. Seriously, these girls are so funny together.]

[blueberry pie & iced coffee, just because]

[Sommie explaining how to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain.]

[We drove up to Cadillac Mountain to see the sunset/moon rise one evening, and though the viewing conditions weren't great, the sight was beautiful nonetheless.]

[We were all set to find a sasquatch, but instead we happened upon this Annabel/Uncle Will monster!]

[Robert and I walked down to check out Bar Island with the Williams family after lunch one day.]

[During low tide, the water recedes and you can walk across to Bar Island. I was really amazed at how dry everything gets in such a short amount of time! And the snails! Snails galore.]

[blueberry beer]

[My Gramma treated us all to an awesome dinner out one night. We cracked and ate our own lobsters (with a rather large side of melted butter!) and enjoyed the blueberry beer (pictured above) alongside. Soooo delicious. And look how happy this guy is with his lobster. Can you blame him?]

[I took a picture of this little bakery because I think it was my favorite place to eat. They had the most delicious bagels and pastries, and delicious sandwiches, too.]

[Veggie and house made hummus sammie. YUM!]

[Sand Beach was an incredibly beautiful spot -- essentially ocean, surrounded by mountains.]

[Such a fun day!]

[I will never forget this wonderful trip! Until next time, Bar Harbor!]

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