Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maine Part 1

I'm so excited to share a little bit about our trip to Maine with you today!  Maine is one my favorite places to visit and one of the most beautiful places I have been.  Last week was no exception.  Here you will find a mix of Matt and my pictures.

 Our first early morning in Maine.  Sommer doesn't miss a beat and woke up at 5:30am.  At least we got to witness this breathtaking view.
 Just walking along the beach taking in the views.  She looks so big here doesn't she?!
 We had to try the blueberry pancakes at The Great Maine Breakfast.  So delicious!  

On top of Cadillac Mountain while the sun was setting and the moon was rising.  

 Wading along the waters edge as we crossed over to Bar Island.
I absolutely love this picture of Annabel and Matt.  It was so sweet seeing them hang together throughout the week.
Another foggy morning.  During low tide we were able to walk across to Bar Island (pictured). 

Even in the fog this place is amazing.
We spent part of two days at Sand Beach.  The first day was cloudy and cold.  Tommy braved the water but Annabel smartly stayed dry.
 The second day at Sand Beach was sunny and warm so Sommer and I decided to brave the cold New England ocean. 
 Tommy riding the waves like a champ.

 This night ^ was one of my favorite moments from the week.  We had walked downtown to grab some ice cream and came across an orchestra concert in the park.  The kids danced and the rest of us lounged in the grass as the sun set and the twinkly lights came on.  It was perfect.
These two.
 Sunrise #1 with Carrie.  We trekked (and by trekked I mean drove) up Cadillac Mountain on Wednesday morning for sunrise yoga.  Unfortunately the yoga instructor never showed up but I was not disappointed by this view.  It was amazing...as we drove up the mountain we drove right above the clouds and once we were at the top the views were incredible.
 It was as if we could just walk off the mountain and onto the clouds. 
 I think I said to Carrie, "It's like we are on top of the clouds like the CareBears." 
Carrie led us in a few yoga poses because, well, we had to take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop.

 Second sunrise of the week.  Matt, Chelsey, Sommer and I made our way up Cadillac Mtn and sat in the windy cold to watch.
 Have I mentioned how beautiful Maine is?  

 Lobsters, lobsters everywhere.
 Pretty little girls waiting for dinner.

 Happy, happy family. <3
Thanks to my wonderful family for a great summer vacation!  

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