Thursday, July 17, 2014

that one week in july

There is this one week in July (8 days actually, but who's counting?) where our family is inundated with exciting celebrations.  We are in the middle of that week right now and although I don't get to celebrate in person with everybody, I love thinking about each of them everyday!

July 14:
On Monday we got to celebrate our dad.  The first guy to steal our hearts; he continues to pass on his love, wisdom and great sense of humor to all three of us.  We love you, dad!

July 15:
On Tuesday, one of our great friends, Molly B. celebrates a birthday.  Although she isn't officially a Krohn, she will always be considered family.

July 16:
No current celebrations on this day but you never know what the future holds!

July 17:
 Today we celebrate these 2 lovebirds. ;o)
10 years ago they tied the knot and I would say the past 10 years have been pretty good to them...

July 18:
 Tomorrow, we celebrate our big sister Chelsey!  You are the best, Chels and really where would we be without our big sister.  We love you so!

July 19:
 Saturday I get to celebrate 6 years of marriage with this guy.  
I love you, honey! xoxo

July 20:
No celebrations here either.

July 21:

On Monday, the newest addition to our week of celebrations: Robert.  We hope you have a happy, happy birthday, Robert!  We are all so happy to celebrate you but none of us happier than Carrie. :)

We are one lucky family - will you celebrate the great blessings in your life this week as we celebrate ours?!

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