Monday, May 19, 2014

take me back

As I drove Tommy to school on Friday morning, I was listening to the morning crew on my favorite radio station talk about what smells take them back to childhood.  People were calling in and giving their answers:  Jergen's lotion, sawdust, and the number one answer, cut grass.  I started thinking about how I would answer that question...

The smell of rain is a big one for me since I grew up in a hundred-year-old house with no air conditioning.  In the summer, every window was open pretty much all the time to try and pick up even the slightest breeze.  Summer thunderstorms, with the sound and smell of the rain coming through the windows as I laid in bed at night, were (and still are) extremely calming for me.  I love the smell of rain.

Charcoal is another big one for me.  When we were young, my dad always did all of his grilling over charcoal and the smell of a newly lit fire immediately takes me back.  Warm nights spent swinging on the backyard swing or running around with friends or splashing in a grassy plastic pool are never far from my mind when we break out the grill these days.

I'm not sure if this one really counts since the only place that smells like Grandma's house is, well, Grandma's house.  But both of my grandmother's houses have such distinct smells that any time I walk into either one, I'm immediately transported back to cousin sleepovers, sick days on the couch, breakfast with Grampa and Pa (homemade strawberry jam and Sunday donuts from up the street), the sound of rustling newspapers, and most of all, lots and lots of love.  Love you Nan and Gram! <3

Coffee brewing in the morning always takes me back to sleepily walking into the kitchen on any given morning and seeing my mom bustling around getting ready for work.  She always had a cup of coffee with her and would usually misplace it at least once during the morning as she ran up and down the stairs and all around the house gathering the things we needed for the day.  "Have you seen my coffee?" :)  I always thought it was crazy that she couldn't keep track of it...but now that I have kids, I totally understand how easily that can happen!

Those are my top four...what smells take you back?

Wishing you a lovely week!

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