Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How do you take your coffee?

When my cell phone alarm goes off every morning at 5:15, the first thought to pop into my mind is usually: coffee. It's what I look forward to -- that hot and slightly bitter beverage that prods the morning along slowly, preparing you for the long day ahead. I've been a coffee drinker for a long time now, growing to appreciate the drink during my first job at Mandy's Coffee Shop at the tender age of sixteen. I'm relatively certain that during my tenure there I tried almost every variety of coffee beverage there is, and ultimately I have two favorites: coconut coffee with skim milk (for everyday) and vanilla cappuccino (for fancy occasions). 

But the truth, of course, is that I've heard people order it all -- from regular old black coffee to triple shot skinny caramel macchiato with whip. So, I was curious - how does everyone else take their coffee? Below are the responses from a few of my favorite people.:)

Chelsey: "Preferably with half and half and about a teaspoon of sugar."
Dana: "Cream and sugar. :) My perfect cup is a Dunkin Donuts small with cream and sugar."

Brigid: "Ooh boyy...chocolate soy milk and 1 truvia or vanilla syrup if I have no soy milk."
Megan: "With just a splash of flavored creamer."
Molly: "Spoonful of sugar and hazelnut flavored cream. But if I'm feeling fancy I'll do espresso with sweetened condensed milk. Delish."
Suzanne (not pictured): "With lots of vanilla coffee creamer and quiet morning thoughts."

Aunt Shelley: "With a little milk. Khaki colored."
Aunt T: "I don't drink coffee. Never have. Uncle Ralph takes his with cream and sugar."
Robyn (aka Mom): "With Cream."

I don't know about you, but of all these, I'm favoring Suzanne's super vanilla coffee with quiet thoughts and am dying to try the espresso with sweetened condensed milk. :)

How do you take your coffee?

coffee graphic here.

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