Monday, February 3, 2014

on my needles

January proved to be a very good knitting month for me as I ended up with lots of extra time to work on my projects.  With the little bit of snow we got (about 5 inches total over a two week period), Tommy ended up missing SIX days of school because of icy roads.  Here in Central Virginia, the main roads get plowed but neighborhood roads are ignored.  So all those streets that the big old buses have to drive down stay nice and snowy and then freeze overnight, especially in all these below-freezing days and nights we've had recently.  So after being out for Martin Luther King Day, they missed the rest of the week (!!) and then missed two days and had a two-hour-delay last week.  After growing up in Pennsylvania, this seems completely ridiculous to me but it was fun to have my sweet boy around for an unexpected vacation.  The kids played so well together that first week that Tommy was out of school, so I let them play while I cleaned up the kitchen, did some laundry, and then sat down with my knitting.  Here's what I worked on and completed in January...

I finally finished these sweet little baby socks and have them wrapped up to take to Will's cousin and her new baby girl.  (Love my cozy polka dot leggings from Target!)

I've made so many of these cute little hats in the last couple years and ended up sending Annabel's baby hat out to my sister-in-law for one of the triplets.  She texted me a couple weeks ago and asked for a couple more so all three of the babies would have one.  These were mailed about a week ago.

This sweater from Taproot Issue 7 :: Gather is hands-down my most favorite project to date.  The pattern was ridiculously easy to follow, the yarn was so soft, and the finished project is...well, beyond adorable.  I love everything about it, including that sweet little girl who's wearing it.  

I actually finished that sweater on February 1 but I'm counting it as a January project anyway.  This month, I'm getting started on my linen summer sweater (see a photo of it in this post), and I've decided to make a honey cowl as well.  That should keep me plenty busy for the next 25 days and probably longer than that.  

A few days ago I got bit by the sewing bug (even though I'm terrible at sewing, which I'm reminded of every time I attempt it), and decided to hand sew a little bed for Annabel's dolls.  I have some really cute fabric that I decided to pull out and with a little bit of cotton batting, a needle and some thread, these three little pillows were done in an afternoon.

I'm hoping to sew up an alphabet set for her for her birthday in August.  Maybe I'll wait until I have my sewing machine back before I attempt that.  

If you're a knitter, what have you been working on lately?  I'd love to see!  

Have a great week! 

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