Tuesday, January 14, 2014



How are you settling into the new year?  Did you set a bunch of goals that you jumped right into or are you slowly easing your way in?  After setting lofty goals last year and not really making anything of them; I decided to ease into 2014 and give myself some time to think about what I really want this year.  The one goal that I did set for myself on January 1st was not to set any big goals - like, run a half marathon, when I can barely run a 5k. :) 
I think I have managed to come up with some things that are what I would like to call "over time goals", or things that can be achieved over a longer portion of time - maybe a year, maybe less or maybe more.  

Here are a few...
1) A little less change and a little more stability.  2013 was a difficult year for us and brought so much change that it was a little unnerving.  I used to be a huge fan of change and adventure but moving 4 times in the matter of a year, selling a house, job changes, and all the things that come with all of that...it was just so hard in so many ways.  I'm hoping we will settle into our new place, make some new friends, do some new things and just enjoy this year.

2) My healthiest and fittest year to date.  I know, I know, this is so the typical New Years resolution!  I actually made this a goal several months ago when I saw my 30th birthday approaching.  So, all I can say is that this was really my birthday goal and I'm not one of those people vowing to lose so many pounds by a certain date.  To start my 30's off on the right foot I decided to participate in a New Year's shred with NHerShoes Fitness.  I have participated in one of these shred's before and really enjoyed the training and nutrition plans.  It's all about clean eats and exercise that is realistic which is just what I need.  

3) Improve my handwriting.  I have never been happy with my writing so I hope to practice and improve this year.

4) Have more fun.  I want to make the most of all my days and although I know its not realistic to think that every day is going to be super, fantastic, fun; I am planning to try out new crafts, recipes, parks, etc. with my little and my husband this year because we can and we should.

5) Simplify my wardrobe.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time now and finally was able to start the process over the past month or so.  I will be doing a little series starting in February on the first Wednesday of each month to give you an idea of what and how I am doing this.  Hope you'll join me for that!!

6) Increase my faith/decrease my worry.  I think I come from a long line of worriers and although I am by no means the worst of the bunch, I do tend to worry more than I think I should.  This year, I hope to worry less and trust more.

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  1. Love these goals, Dana! Yes, 30 is rapidly approaching for me, too! Whew!