Monday, December 23, 2013

happy days

 Hi friends!  Wanted to take a minute today to wish you and your family a lovely holiday week!  WeThree are taking a few days off from writing here in this space in favor of spending plenty of time together in the coming days.  Will and the kids and I are heading to my parent's house for Christmas this year for the first time in our married relationship (almost 10 years!).  This is probably the last time we'll be spending Christmas away from home so we're excited to soak up the Pennsylvania holiday this year.  

No matter what you're celebrating, we wish you much peace and joy as you spend time with family and friends in the days ahead.  Thanks so much for visiting with us here at WeThree each week, and we look forward to many more days together in the year ahead!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

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