Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More New Beginnings

Well, we moved...again.  It has been quite a year of moving and new adventures for us but we hope that this move will be the last for a few years at least.  Matt has finally gotten a Guidance Counselor job (his dream) so we are feeling pretty great about that! 
Moving is so hard, in my personal opinion.  It has been a hard year for me as we have moved away, then back, then to my parents and now to a new place where we are strangers to just about everything.  We have a cute little apartment that I'm sure will feel like home soon.  Some things that have made moving a little easier on me:::

a special treat for when I'm feeling homesick.
 pretty lights that brighten up the room on gray days.

 a little taste of all our former homes that was easily found within all the boxes.

 bright sunflowers for the kitchen (found at Trader Joes!! - my best discovery so far)

 my favorite tea in my favorite mug.

this view came with our apartment and we get to enjoy these sunsets every night! 
lucky us!!
Do you have any tips for making a new place feel like home?

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  1. I think you've gotten a good start to making it home...unpacking all the pretty things that made the other homes feel just right. Hang pictures, light candles. And get to the library or a mom's group to meet new friends (church too!) :) Good luck with everything!