Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Decor

After we brought some pumpkins home this weekend, I decided it was time to put out a little fall/halloween decor.  Since we are in a little transition period and not in our own house, I don't have access to all my cute fall decorations so I had to go with what I could find here.  We decided to carve our big pumpkin with Sommer which was fun but she quickly lost interest in the process and she was a little scared of the final product. 
Here are a few pictures:

 After we carved our pumpkins, I decided to add to the decor with a few kleenex ghosts.  We used to make these every fall when we were kids and I just loved seeing them floating around from the fan in our kitchen.  Here is a simple tutorial for you!

 You will need:
2 kleenex, scissors, yarn and a sharpie
crumble one tissue
Place the crumbled tissue into the flat tissue and tie the string around it.
draw cute little faces on them.  only happy ghosts in our house. :)

And, one last small piece of fall decor above the sink...
 Do you decorate for the fall season?

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