Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Case of the Mondays

When you work in an office setting, without fail, you will hear the following words spoken from the mouth of someone during the eight o’clock hour on that dreaded initial day of the week: “Someone has a case of the Mun-days!”  I’m not overly outspoken in a work setting, but I’ll tell all of you now, from a distance, that you should not be that person.

I’ve never hated Mondays the way others do, probably because I’m 100% a morning person, but even I’ll admit that this past one wasn’t great. It was a humid, gloomy day, my hair looked terrible as a result, every system I touched was slow, every person I talked to was grumpy, I received bad news in the morning, attended a funeral in the evening, and was mostly consumed by thoughts of another not-fun event taking place in the near future.

So around 9pm, Brigid and I decided to take a walk, and walked right over to Café Bruges for pommes frites and peach beer.

{peach beer}

{best french fries ever - I especially love the crispy bits at the bottom}

{dipped in mayo! say what you will...}

{happy the day was over...and evidence of why I was called five head as a child ;)}

{best friend company}

It wasn’t exactly health food, and it didn’t solve any of the problems of the day, but admittedly, it was a pretty good antidote to my case of the Mondays.

{photos courtesy of Brigid's iPhone}

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