Friday, September 13, 2013

Photo Friday!

Beautiful end of summer heirloom tomatoes!
After a long week and the first sickness of the season, I'm definitely ready for the weekend.
Looking forward to my favorite Friday night bar for a ginger snap, pilates on Saturday and lots of relaxing!
Have a good one. :)
xo Carrie

Goodnight moon.
We've been having a September heat wave here in Virginia, but this weekend it's finally supposed to be in the 70s.  So excited for cooler nights and milder days.  Hope you have a great weekend!  We'll be packing...and then packing some more :)

The heavens opened up yesterday afternoon and dumped all this rain on us!  It was crazy! But, the best thing about all this was the beautiful, cool fall air that blew in behind the storm.  I sure hope it's here to stay.
Have a great weekend!
xo Dana

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