Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sesame Place!

This past weekend, we went on a little Sesame Street adventure.  My cousins little guy, Tanner was turning 2 over the weekend and they came down from New Hampshire to celebrate his birthday at Sesame Place.  And, since Sesame Place is quite close to us (just outside of Philadelphia) we decided to head down there for a day of fun!

 Friday morning we set off on our trip with plenty of "Melmo" gear in tow.

 We stayed at the Sheraton Bucks County - great hotel!  We got to our hotel a little early so we could put Sommer down for a nap before heading to the park but of course she was just too excited to lay down.  In the picture above, she was running through the hall of the hotel, ready to go see Elmo.

 Here we are on the shuttle (a free service from the Sheraton to the park!) super excited to be going to see all the Sesame characters!

They had all the fun songs from Sesame Street playing as you walked in.  Anyone remember the Rubber Ducky song that Ernie sings?

When we first arrived there was a character parade going right through the middle of the park.  We got as close as we could so Sommer could see everyone go by!

 We spent the first hour or two in one of the water parks within Sesame Place.  

Sommer had a great time splashing around in all the little pools.

Then, Sommer and I took a little ride down the lazy river.  It was a little chilly outside and somehow we managed to get hit by just about all of the waterfalls but we made it through.  :)

I loved this part of the park.  Life-size Sesame Street!

After spending an hour or so in the water park we found the carousel.  It's so hard waiting your turn when you're 1 but Sommer did a great job. 

 She was so excited to ride the horsey's so we rode them a bunch.

 We met up with our cousins here but I never got any pictures of the kids together!  Fail!  We rode the carousel, flying fish and teacups with them before grabbing a bite to eat and heading back to the hotel.

 We are so happy that we took this mini vacation!

 Sommer came home with Abby Cadabby and here she is flying out the sunroof of our car on the way home. :o)

 Before going to Sesame Place, I wasn't sure if Sommer would really enjoy herself because of her age but she absolutely loved it!  There were definitely rides that were a bit big for her but there were plenty that we age appropriate (with a parent of course!).  Have you ever taken your kiddos to an amusement park at a young age?  I definitely would recommend Sesame Place to anyone looking for an amusement park for younger children!

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