Monday, August 19, 2013


Well.  You guys, there's so much to write about and only so much time.  Last week totally kicked my butt in the "get-back-to-the-at-home-groove" department.  I didn't know if I was coming or going and couldn't remember what day it was or how many days it had been since we'd gotten back.  We had people come to give us quotes on new grout in our kitchen and bathrooms, other people come to give us a quote on a new roof, I had a dentist appointment, I had to go to the doctor (turns out I have tendonitis), Annabel came down with a fever so I had to take her to the doctor (another ear infection, poor girl), Will went away with the youth for the weekend, and then Annabel's birthday was yesterday.  And on top of all that, I've had a terrible cold since we left Colorado that's just now going away.  Talk about hitting the ground running.  I now need another vacation to recover from the week after our amazing vacation.  So since it's been so crazy and I haven't had a chance to even start looking through all of the photos from our trip, here's a little look at how we rearranged some rooms in our house a few months ago.  (I'll show you this and then tell you that I think we're going to start getting our house ready to sell and look around for a new house...see? SO much to write about.) 

Quite awhile ago now, I mentioned that we were thinking of switching up some rooms in our house.  Well, we did......and then I never showed you how it all turned out! First of all, let me say a great big THANK YOU to my understanding husband who humored me again and helped move big furniture up and down steps and around tight corners.  Afterward he said to me, "That's the last time we're doing that in this house."  Yes, ok, you're right.  Cause really, it was a ton of work.  Sheesh.  But I'm really happy with how everything is set up so I think we're good....for now  :)  

Before I show you the rooms, let me show you our new gray couches!  We've had hand-me-down couches for a few years now so it was time to pick something out for ourselves.  They're SO comfortable and look much better in our little living room than the old plaid ones did.  

Love seat with cup holders!  Perfect for a small room with no space for a table.
We changed three rooms around - two downstairs "bedrooms" and one upstairs bedroom.  Here's what we did...

This used to be the playroom - now a little guest room with trundle bed.
This used to be our bedroom - now the playroom!

Previously a guest room, now our bedroom.
This room is so much bigger than the one we were in downstairs so it's nice to have a little more space to move around.  This room also has two closets.

My yarn has a nice new home!
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of our home.  I'm happy with how things worked out!

 Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a letter to my sweet girl for her birthday, Tommy getting ready for 1st grade (!!), house selling/buying prep, and vacation photos!  

P.s.  Couldn't leave without posting a photo of my sweet baby girl from her 2nd birthday yesterday :)

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