Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bluegrass on the Grass

For the 18th consecutive year in July, Dickinson College hosted their annual Bluegrass on the Grass festival on the lawn at Bosler Hall and Old West. Much like the symphony held at Dickinson each year on the fourth of July, Bluegrass on the Grass is a popular music event open to the public. If you're from Carlisle, or even from near Carlisle, the chances of you running into someone you know are at about one-hundred percent; almost three thousand people attend each year, coming out in droves to sit on their lawn chairs, listen to the music, enjoy some local food vendors and visit with neighbors and friends.

This year's event featured some big names. In addition to Town Mountain and The Georgia Cracker (see their posters above), bands Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass, The Dismembered Tennesseans and Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper all played.

{Rockstar arriving}

I took this shot and the one below from very far back, so they aren't great. 
All the same, the musicians were a lot of fun, and really interesing to watch.
 If I could have learned to play one more instrument growing up, it would have been a string. I am just amazed watching people play the violin.

{Beautiful day}

True to form, we ran into a slew of friends and acquaintances. We spent some quality time with close friends, and I'm also pretty sure I saw at least forty people that I knew from one place or another around Carlisle.

{Towns folk}

{Sommer and I had fun playing with bugs}

We got a great deal on these egg rolls from The White Elephant. I hadn't visited this restaurant since it was Amy's Thai, but they didn't disappoint! But then again, how can an egg roll really disappoint?

{Fun sign at Dickinson}

I love this event because, like the symphony, it is very uniquely Carlisle. I have always loved the sense of community here, and really never tire of running into old friends at these fun events. 
You can read more about the Bluegrass Festival here. ;)

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