Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream

One of the most delicious treats more readily available during the summer months is homemade ice cream. The taste and texture of this frozen dessert does not even compare to the store bought options, and really if you have access to an ice cream maker, it absolutely could not be easier. I decided to spice up our typical strawberry with the addition of rhubarb and pie crust chunks a few weekends ago, and the result was a delicious and creamy, sweet yet tart confection slightly reminiscent of a DQ blizzard. 


{picked, chopped}

To cook the rhubarb, simmer about 2 cups chopped with 1/2 cup sugar and 
1/2 cup water for around ten minutes.
The result should be be a soft and juicy pulp.


Using a refrigerated pie dough and a pizza cutter, create small pie crust chunks.


Sprinkle with sugar, and bake at 350▫ for about ten minutes.



I used this recipe, swapping out about half of the strawberries for rhubarb, cooked using the method described above. Add the pie crust chunks when you add the in-tact strawberries: during the last five minutes.


Kid tested, Annabel approved. :)

For my next foray into the world of ice cream, I'm considering fluffer-nutter: peanut butter and marshmallow swirls with the addition of pie crust. This could get dangerous. :)


  1. Ben & Jerry's makes a fluffer-nutter ice cream called "What a Cluster" that's so good you'll have to enlist help to keep you from eating the whole thing in one sitting. (Make sure the "help" knows they may very well be knocked out or bitten.) Sounds like a great research opportunity to me!

  2. Haha! That does sound like excellent research! I had access to both peanut butter and fluff this week and found myself repeatedly dipping a spoon into both... Thanks for the tip! :)