Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We love you, Boston

Good morning!
Today I have to tell you that I am completely heart broken over the events at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was there and everyone who was affected.

I watched my dad and my aunt run the marathon one year.  I remember it being such a fun day and a great and joyful environment.  I have one memory of the marathon (not sure if it was that same year my dad ran or not...) that sticks out in my mind and that I will never forget.  I was pretty little and I was standing along the side of the road handing out water when all of a sudden a man ran up to me, took the water I was holding out, handed me his Walkman and kept on running!  I was completely stunned but so excited. 

I am so thankful for my happy memories from the Boston Marathon and I hope, hope, hope that someday, we can all get back to our happy memories of such a great day in Boston.  But, I know it will take a while.  Until then...

We Love You Boston!!

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 PS:  I saw this on Facebook.
If you are a runner, will you join me in wearing a race shirt today?

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