Thursday, March 14, 2013

according to instagram

Good morning!  Hope you're having a good week!  Taking a break from the trail tales to bring you a little photo diary of our last couple of weeks.  I am, admittedly, a little obsessed with Instagram.  I love the filters, I love the format, I love the sharing, I love it all.  I try not to use it all the time, but I do take several photos a week with it.  So here, in the order they were taken, are my Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks.

Before daylight savings, they were both waking up SUPER early every day.  This was taken around 6:15am - already playing in the playroom.  (I'm happy to report that after daylight savings, they are both sleeping until seven.  Whoo!  I have my mornings back!)

More early morning time in the playroom.

On another early morning, while I made their breakfast, they got in some quality coloring time.

What my sweater looked like a week ago.

Last Wednesday we had a most beautiful snow storm with big fat flakes that came down for hours and covered the pine trees behind our house.

Once it stopped snowing, we headed outside.  The snow was so wet that it was tough to play in.  No sledding, but plenty of snowmen!

Tommy's snowman family.  He only wanted to give one a face.

The night of the snow storm I made homemade pizza.  Bacon for Will, bacon and mushroom for Tommy, cheese for Annabel, and mushroom and (freshly dug from the garden!) onions for me. 

No snow day is complete without dessert!  I made this Blueberry Cornmeal Butter Cake from Smitten Kitchen and it was a HUGE hit.

The next morning, Tommy had a two-hour delay, and these two played so well together for such a long time.  I sat back and just watched the magic...and happened to capture this sweet photo.  Love.

Just before heading to church this past Sunday.

On Monday after school, we all headed over to one of our local parks and went for a long walk.  The sky was so beautiful.

Walking the trails at the park!

Everyone had to try out the exercise equipment.

Annabel rode in her stroller most of the way, but we got her out to walk up the last big hill.  She chased her brother right up to the top.

Over the last week, I got both sleeves knitted for my sweater, and last night at class, we started sewing them on!  It was like magic how the whole thing started to come together.  I heart knitting.

A little look at life the past couple of least according to Instagram.  See you tomorrow for Photo Friday!

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