Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hellenic Kouzina

A couple of weeks back when Chelsey was here visiting, WeThree got to share a lovely, leisurely lunch with our Gramma. We decided upon the restaurant I mentioned two weeks ago in my Photo Friday post: Hellenic Kouzina, the amazingly delicious Greek restaurant located just down the road in Mechanicsburg. We had a great time and ordered nearly everything on the menu. :) Here’s some photo proof!

{Traditional Greek Salata w/Creamy Feta Dressing}
{Tirokafteri w/Pita}
{Lamb Meatballs}
{Traditional Gyro}
{Cannoli Cream}
{Mexican Colas}
Are you drooling? All of the food is insanely good, but if I had to pick favorites I think I would go with the salad, Greek meatballs, Napoleon and Mexican coke! I am pretty sure that on the right night, I could eat that succession of food all by my lonesome (and not feel too guilty either). ;)

Lunch Dates :)
So if your week is gearing up to be as long as mine is feeling (!!), treat yourself, and at the very least, order the Napoleon to-go and eat it while watching an episode of Sex and the City and drinking some wine. :) Have a good one! xoxo

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