Monday, January 21, 2013

(further) confessions

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Will was on another retreat so I packed up the kids and headed up to PA.  Annabel ended up with a fever and terrible cold, but she perked up with Tylenol and we still had a good time.  Tommy had fun playing outside with my dad and challenging my Grama to a ping pong match. I don't know who won, but if you ask Tommy, I'm sure he'd say that he did.

I wrote my first set of confessions back in September and thought it may be time for a few more.

1.  When I applied for college, I only sent applications to three places:  Penn State, University of Maine, and Virginia Tech.  I never really wanted to go to Penn State, but I did really want to go to UMaine.  The fifteen hour drive time changed my mind.  Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing right now if I had ended up up there.

2.  I still have two small pieces of my baby blanket that live on our bed underneath my pillow day and night.  When I was young, my mom told me that I'd have to get rid of my blanket before I went to the prom.  Then she told me I'd have to get rid of it before I went to college.  Then I had to get rid of it before I got married.  Looks like I won that one.  And now you know where my children get their stubbornness. 

3.  In high school when I was playing fast-pitch softball, I had an amazing game where I almost hit for the cycle.  My first at-bat was a single, the next was a home run, and the next was a triple.  That's one of the only games I remember specific details from.  (I always think it's so crazy how Will can remember every detail from every soccer game/tennis match/golf game that he's ever played.  Are all guys like that?!)

4.  One of the other games I remember was the one where I pitched a no-hitter.  Don't be too impressed with that...the team was terrible...we 10-runned them and the game was over after five innings.  (Like how I just patted myself on the back not once, but twice?!)

5.  I still love mountains.  A lot.

6.  You know how people are always saying that if you're tired you should exercise because it actually gives you more energy?  I always thought that was total crap.  Now I know it's true. 

7.  My favorite college class was aquatic entomology.  For real.

8.  I've hiked Mt. Washington.

9.  Starting in third grade, I took piano lessons for eight years.  Someday I hope Tommy will want to take lessons...and I'm going to take them again with him. 

10.  The first vehicle I bought with my very own money (after graduation in 2004) was a brown 1989 Dodge pickup truck.  The speedometer only worked in warm weather and the gas gauge broke not long after I bought it, but that thing had a cd player and air conditioning.  I loved it. 

11.  After college I worked as a supervisor for a national landscaping company called The Brickman Group.  For five straight months, all I did was shear bushes with a big gas-powered machine.  My arm muscles were awesome.

12.  Sunflowers are my favorite favorite favorite.

13.  I can take care of outdoor gardens and shrubs and flowers but every indoor plant I've ever owned has met the same end...death.

14.   I still hate the word Ick.

15.  I heart Dave Matthews Band. 

16.  When Will and I lived in North Carolina, I played guitar in our church's contemporary band.  I so miss that.

17.  I love Greek food like most people love Italian food.

18.  Over the last several years, I've slowly become more of a Redskins fan than a Patriots fan.  My Massachusetts family, including my dad, might disown me.  Rest assured family, I will always and forever be a Red Sox fan.

19.  Still can't end on an even number.

Happy Monday!

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