Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let’s rate something!

I recently impulse-bought Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everybody Hanging out Without Me? (And other Concerns) while searching for nude colored flats at Target. You might remember Mindy as Kelly Kapoor from The Office. If you are looking for something fun and funny to read, I would 100% recommend this book – I finished it in under a week, and laughed out loud so many times (once sitting alone at work for about three minutes straight) that I can’t keep track. Her show The Mindy Project is also great.

In her book, Mindy (yes, after reading this I feel we are on a first name basis) talks a little about love and also about the movie genre of the romantic comedy.  At one point, she mentions that in a typical romantic comedy, the dashing, successful lead male has one career – architect.

I laughed when I read this because it is SO true. And even if he isn't an architect, he’s a music executive, works at a publishing house or newspaper, photographer – you get the picture. Essentially, he has a legitimate career that is also just a teensy bit artsy. By the way, this person does not exist in real life.

After reading this essay I went to the gym and between watching Dual Survival and some really scary show on the history channel about the book of Revelations in the Bible, I starting trying to come up with my list of top five favorite romantic comedies. Let’s share!!

Number 5: Waitress

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, bake your favorite pie and invite you closest friend over for a night in. In this film, you meet Jenna, an unhappily married, pregnant waitress who bakes incredible pies.  You will fall in love with the characters, delicious looking baked goods and the letters Jenna writes to her unborn child. To this day when I am exceedingly angry about something, I think to myself “Dear damn baby” and laugh.

Memorable Quote:
Jenna (to herself): “Pregnant, miserable, self-pitying, loser pie: lumpy oatmeal with fruitcake mashed in. Flambe of course.”

Number 4: Because I Said So

This is definitely an under-appreciated movie. The story follows Mandy Moore (named Milly – incidentally, the name of my childhood baby doll) as the unlucky-in-love youngest of three sisters. Milly meets two men – Jason, an architect (!) who was intentionally selected by Milly's cray-cray mother (played by Diane Keaton) and Johnny, a single-dad and freelance guitar player who is incredibly charming in that pseudo-hipster kind of way. Which man will she choose?! You must watch this hilarious and endearing movie to find out.

Memorable exchange:
Daphne (Keaton): “Maybe you oughta button these buttons, you look like you’re asking for it.”
Milly: “I am asking for it!”

Number 3: The Holiday

Even if you were turned off by Jude Law given the whole cheating with the nanny scandal, I think it is impossible to watch this and not fall in love with him just a little bit. Being a w-i-d-o-w-e-r suites him. I think I am particularly fond of this movie because it depicts England exactly as I picture it in my mind’s eye: quaint, snowy, a little old fashioned, filled with cozy, warm, intimate settings, and with seriously good looking men that have accents. If I ever go through a bad break-up and decide to holiday in England to clear my mind, I really hope Jude Law knocks on my door, too.

Memorable Quote:
Graham (Jude Law): “I have a cow and I sew. How’s that for relatable?”

Number 2: Bridget Jones’s Diary

There are really only two words I need to say: Mark Darcy. About every other time that I hang out with my friend Brigid, we each determine our list of the five best looking guys at that moment. I just realized (with shocking horror) that I left Colin Firth off my list the last time we played this game. Must remember – One: Joshua Jackson, Two: Colin Firth.

Hilarious Exchange:
Bridget: “Apparently, I used to run ‘round naked in his paddling pool.”
Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant): “I bet you did, you dirty bitch.”

Number 1: Return to Me

I saw this work of cinematic genius when I was in sixth or seventh grade with my friend and her mother. My friend fell asleep. I laughed and cried and was generally enthralled throughout the entire thing. The movie has so much going for it: horrifically sad beginning that makes you sob and instantly fall in love with the (oh-so-handsome) leading man (check), cute animal scene (check), a pair of best friends that have wonderfully witty banter (check), hilarious/adorable old men that eat Italian food and dance to Frank Sinatra (check), burly friend’s husband who uses swear words at just the right time and in just the right way (check), Italy (check), and finally, adorable/make you melt/never happens in real life the same way love exchanges (check, check, check). David Duchovany and Minnie Driver were so perfect in this movie.  (P.S. David Duchovany’s character is an architect!).

Memorable quote(s):
Megan (the best friend): “Grace has Bob’s dead wife’s heart!”
Bob (David Duchovany): “I miss Elizabeth. I’ll always miss her. But….I ache for Grace.” (SIGH!)

Did I miss anything vital!? If you haven't seen one (or all) of the above films, consider your next free Friday night accounted for. :) What is your favorite romantic comedy?

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  1. Love the whole post!!! The top two movies are some of my favorite of all time. :). Krista