Thursday, October 25, 2012

guest post: sheet-folding tutorial!

Good morning!  How's your week going so far?  Annabel has a terrible cold which is just making her miserable.  I hate that!  So far Tommy is fine and will hopefully stay that way even though trying to keep him away from his sister is just about as hard as stopping a freight train on a dime.  He just can't do it!  I'm also happy to tell you that we made it through our first tv-free Tuesday.  Tommy (and Will, too!) never asked for the tv once!  We made cookies, played games, worked in the yard a little bit, played in the playroom, read books, and went to bed early.  Success!

Today I bring you a guest post from my Aunt Terri, or Aunt T as we call her.  For me, folding sheets is one of the worst parts of doing laundry.  The fitted sheet doesn't fold up square, which makes it lumpy and weird and then the whole stack of sheets and pillowcases is just a mess.  For this reason, I usually wash sheets and put them right back on the bed.  No folding involved.  But then what usually happens is that I leave them in the dryer until everyone is ready to get in bed, and then I'm scrambling around trying to get all the beds made at the last minute.  It's easier to just get a set out of the closet and replace the dirty ones right away.  Done!  But then I have to fold them once they come out of the dryer.  Lucky for me (and you, if this sounds anything like your sheet experience!), Aunt T has a solution! She has this amazing way that she folds all her sheet sets up into one neat little package.  It's easy, fast, and actually, surprisingly, it's a little bit fun.

Before this video tutorial, I was the poster-child for a messy linen closet.  I kind of can't believe I'm posting this photo, but here's what my closet looked like before:

For real.  Yes, the top two shelves of towels need help, too, but look at the sheets!  Terrible!  As you can see, I folded everything up as best I could...and then shoved...and then quickly shut the door so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore.  Messy and gross, but done.  And then I finally asked Aunt T for her method.  She sent me this:

 (Update:  the video seems to work from a computer but not from a mobile device.  We're working on a solution!  It's fixed!)

Amazing, right?!  So yesterday, I took everything out of the closet and started folding.  My first set came together in a flash:

 So I kept going, folded everything, and put it all back in the closet.  Here's how it looks now (after also re-folding all the dang towels, too):

So neat!  So clean!  So not embarrassing!  Thank you, Aunt T, for saving my linen closet!  Now I just have to tackle the one upstairs...I think I'll save that for tomorrow  :)

Happy folding! 

P.s.  While folding, I caught up on my DVR'd episode of Parenthood...and cried practically all the way through.  Do you watch that show?  I keep thinking I need to stop because why do I want to watch such sadness on TV when it's bad enough in real life, but I can't turn it off!  Goodness.


  1. Love your guest blogger!! She was always the neat one. :) Truly - I don't think #1 or #4 would disagree with that. Perfect instruction, nice looking closets. Great job on the blog you three. <3

  2. love it!! I fold very closely to her instructions... but never thought of then folding the whole set together... I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow while Ellie is at preschool!! Hanks for the great tip!

  3. Wow! Love it! Thanks Aunt T! :) Gonna go home and do that this weekend :) Chels, ya'lls blog rocks!