Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"Not all those who wander are lost."  Have you heard this quote from J.R.R. Tolkien?  Or maybe you've seen it on a t-shirt like this? 
This quote has been resonating with me lately.  I am definitely not lost but I do think that I have been a wanderer lately.  Ever since Matt started his new job I feel like Sommer and I have been here, there and everywhere.  It's been hard for me to be at our house while Matt is gone so we stay with my mom and dad.  And then on the weekends, Matt either comes home or Sommer and I go to him.  We are constantly living out of a suitcase and sometimes the car feels more like home than anywhere else.

This week we are in Virginia visiting Chelsey, Will, Tommy and Annabel.  I think this will be a welcome break from the norm.  I am thankful for some sister time (just wish Carrie was here with us) and several days to spend with someone else as sometimes being a stay at home mom gets a little lonely.  We have lots of things planned for the week and I will be eager to share some pictures next week. Last night we sat at the kitchen table drinking tea, eating cookies and talking about baby names (no, neither one of us is pregnant).

Have you ever felt like a wanderer?  The last time I had this feeling I was in college and trying to figure out where I wanted to go next.  At that point I felt more like I was being adventurous and now for some reason being adventurous feels a little scary. Probably because I have so much more to be responsible for these days.  I am looking forward to what this next chapter of our life holds and am ready to finally feel settled again but for now, I'll tie my boots on tight and keep on wanderin'.


  1. Girl, I totally know how you feel! I used to be way more adventurous and yes, it feels more scary now. My husband is actively looking for a new job and we have no idea where we could end up! We're in limbo, poised and ready to move or stay here. Wandering is the right word to describe life. I hope things even out for you soon. Enjoy your week in VA- sisters are the best!

  2. Being open to all good things is a good way to look at your new situation. All will be well. <3