Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moving On...

Have you ever moved?  Like, really moved - your whole house or family?  I, for one, have never really moved.  I moved away to college - a couple different schools and I even moved to California for a while but I each time that I moved I only had one bedroom full of stuff to take with me.

Matt recently got a new job, in a new city and so we are moving and I have had no idea where to start.  Here is what my house has been looking like:

...boxes everywhere.  We made some progress this weekend and got all the packed boxes put away in a closet.

Here is my dilemma and where I could use your help if you are a seasoned mover.  Matt and I have a beautiful and rather large house.  When we move, we will most likely be living in a much smaller two bedroom apartment.  Our house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen and a dining room, a basement and an attic, a huge living room and a den.  And how on earth do I downscale that much?!  We were really lucky to be able to fill up all the rooms in our home and then some but now we are feeling kind of lost.  I would love some advice if you have any! 

It was a sad day today as I put this sign in our yard...

but, I am confident that a great, new adventure awaits us!

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  1. Danold! As someone who has moved 5 times in 5 years it never gets easier. Make sure your beds and bedding are the last things packed. How about a storage unit for your extra stuff? Good luck. I love the blot. Kira