Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Theme Week: Morning Routine

Good Morning!
I hope your week is going well!

To continue on with the morning routine theme...

Ever since I became a stay at home mom, my morning routine has become somewhat nonexistent.  I am trying hard to get myself on a better schedule because I know a good schedule is good for my girlie and probably good for me too.  Sommer is not a good sleeper so she usually wakes up at differing times every day which doesn't make for a good, solid schedule.
For example, yesterday she woke up really early after having been up multiple times in the night.  After attempting to put her back to sleep several times, I decided just to get up for a little while.  By 7:30am, we were ready to try again and sure enough, after about 5 minutes of bouncing, she was sound asleep.  I laid her down in bed with me since she always seems to sleep much better that way and 2 hours later (yes, I fell asleep too - those difficult nights are hard on this mama!) this is what I found:
 I am so looking forward to sleeping all night again one of these days!  I would love to fall into this bed and stay for a while...
Anyway, enough dreaming and back to my nonexistent morning routine ;o)
I do try to stay consistent once we are up for the day.  This includes, snuggle time, a yummy breakfast, getting showered and dressed for the day and then playtime for Sommer.

Like Chelsey, I hope to one day be up and ready to go before everyone else.  I also admired this about our mom when we were growing up.  We were lucky enough to have both of our parents be a part of our mornings.  My mom would get us up and going but my dad always made our lunches and took us to school or got us out the door on time.  Hopefully my house will run that smoothly once I've got school aged kids too.

We would love to read about your morning routine so please leave it in the comments if you care to share!!
We'll all be back on Thursday with a breakfast recipe - see you then!

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  1. I like this idea of morning routines! Mine happens like this : 1)Get out of bed and immeadiately reach for the cereal on the top of the fridge (usually frosted mini wheats or some form of kashi). 2) Eat the cereal. That's really the only sure thing that will happen every single morning (well, a shower is usually a sure thing). Coffee usually happens on the way to work. Love you guys :)