Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoothie Shakes!

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day, but I’m not always inclined to eat something hearty at 5:30 AM. To combat this, I have taken up the habit of making a smoothie for breakfast. These are tasty, super nutritious, and surprisingly filling. I swear I think less about food in the hours leading up to lunch if I’ve had one of these, then, say an egg burrito or bowl of cereal. I’ve read from a few sources that the addition of  protein (or something?) makes your body process the sugar slower, keeping you energized for longer. I'll take it!
Here are some the ingredients that I typically have on hand to make one: 
-yogurt (of some sort…I like to use plain or vanilla, but I don’t necessarily prefer Greek style)
-soy milk, at least ¾-1 cup (I usually have vanilla and chocolate on hand)
-lemon juice 
-organic flax seed oil (I like Spectrum.)
-quick cooking oats.
-frozen fruit (Here I have pictured raspberries, but if you like your smoothies, well, smooth, you may want to pick a different fruit. You will definitely notice the seeds if you include the raspberries.)
-peanut butter 
I use an immersion blender, which is (seriously) my new best friend. I can’t remember life without it. You can combine versions of the above ingredients in a million different ways to create great flavors. So far I've made mixed berry, strawberry/banana, mango, pina colada, lemon, and banana. My absolute favorite; however (the one I have been drinking every morning for about two months) is peanut butter/chocolate/banana. Next week I will provide you with the exact measurements for that delicious smoothie shake!
But, for now, you can gaze longingly at this raspberry/vanilla/almond one. 
What combination will you try?

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